Melbourne High School

MHS Arts Show 2021


Melbourne High School proudly presents our 2021 Online Art Show.

This year, we showcase the creative world of MHS and the amazing work our students have accomplished. Throughout 2021 our students have shown terrific ingenuity and enthusiasm, creating a wide body of work across all our subjects.

Our students have now completed two years in flexible learning arrangements, and the selection of work below is a testament to their resilience and dedication to their artmaking. We are immensely proud and thankful to all our students for their efforts this year.

This wouldn’t be possible without the determination of the visual and performing arts staff, who have worked tirelessly this year in transforming their programs to suit a flexible learning and teaching approach.

Gavin Pan, Studio Arts.


VCE Studio Arts

VCE Visual Communication Design


VCE Theatre Studies

Year 10 Industrial Design

Year 10 Photography

Year 10 Architecture

Year 10 CAD

Year 10 Drawing and Painting

Year 9 Art

Year 9 Industrial Design

Year 9 CAD