Media Art Showcase

The media is ubiquitous in today’s world. Working on a personal, local, national and global level, media is deeply embedded within life and culture. It entertains, teaches, informs, and shapes audiences’ perception of their lives and the worlds in which they live.

This year students met particularly unique and demanding challenges to develop and add their own artistic voice to this fast moving landscape.

Along the way this year’s Media Arts students gained an intimate  understanding of the creative & critical thinking, collaboration, communication and problem solving skills required to make original Media artworks as well as making use of the opportunity to develop specialist understandings of Media Arts processes, techniques and technologies in the forms of their own choosing.

We hope you enjoy the creations from the 2021 MHS Media Arts students as much as we did making them.

Paul Morton
Head of MHS Media Arts


VCE Media

Featured Works

Year 10

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Year 9

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Year 9 Media Showreel